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Leather Fountain Pen Stand

Leather Fountain Pen Stand

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Leather fountain pen stand, Bronze Leather Pen Holder, Leather Desk Pen Stand 1 to 3 Pens Stand for Desk Pen Holder Gift For Boss and Coworker

Pen stand holds your pen upright in a beautiful display on top of your work desk.
This is a perfect present to you a great stand for pens.

Extremely precise workmanship. Great gift for your colleagues or friends. Exclusive gift for your boss.
It will be your perfect desk organizer.
It is made of high quality genuine beef leather. Sewn and painted by hand.

* Dimensions:
Single Pen Stand: Length: 5.5 Inchs, Width: 1.5 Inchs, Height: 2 Inchs
Two Pens Stand: Length: 5.5 Inchs, Width: 3 Inchs, Height: 2 Inchs
Three Pens Stand: Length: 5.5 Inchs, Width: 4.5 Inchs, Height: 2 Inchs
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